Wednesday, June 11, 2008


This is my last journal.actually don’t have any ideas for my journal this week.Next week is my fianal exam..waarghh..I feel so stress.coz i don’t prepared anything for the final exam next week.I think the time was running out so fast.

I dont conscious this short semester become over.Its so nice becouse we can go home to holiday about 3 week but before we enjoyed for the holiday we must to meet with the final exam.I feel want to go home witho take a final exam.This week is so busy with Mitech activities, prepared for the interview,finish for the journal and study for test 2 (tmk)and also study for the fianal exam.

When the holiday, i must very missed my friends although the holiday only 3 week. I hope I will do succesfully for the final exam next week.

Be nice
Study after study has shown that people with pleasing personalities have an easier time reaching success. Now only are they more levelheaded in handling the business but they also draw people around them that are eager and willing to help. In fact, in addition to being pleasing, be polite, show true interest, and have a great sense of humor.

Helping Mother..

As a grow up girl,through i am still study,i do greatly realise my responsibilities.I have 3 siblings and i am the only girl in the family.That was my responsibilities to helping my mother in her numerous household duties.

Financially my family is not quite well to do and therefore cannot afford to employ servants.So the only source from where my mother can naturally expect from me to help her.

I usually help my mother in preparing the dinner.The great share of my work will be on holiday and on week ends.I usually get up early in the morning and the first thing that i will do is washing.When washing over,the work of going to the market with my mother.for scrubbed and cleaned my younger brother will do the duty.

Although this job is so tired but I usually realise the greatness and responsibilities of a mother.What is a house without a mother.When we do the household duties its was a training ground and time to teach me into real women to share the responsibilities later.;p


I have so many things I wanted to put in my love journal, but I had a hard time thinking of what to do. So, I’ve decided to put these things in love with others. Everyone have a special person in his or her life. Love for their family, friends, teachers, boyfriends, girlfriends. Firstly when we remember for our first date, first we are in school, first family holiday memories, its was so nice. That time we know the person that we love.

When we made a questionnaire about our likes and dislike, about the person we love we know the good and bad think about the person love is fair. Sometimes in the difference person you have a good think is more than a bad think sometimes you have a bad think is more than a good think. However, we still love them because with them will find the good times and the bad, the funny and the sad. Without them lives, feel so lonely.

Many ways we can do to show that we love for the person we love. It’s depends for our creativity for example we can show that I love you in difference languages. Give for the person gift that they like. Help our family when you have a free time. Plan the holiday with them. Do the things that you want to try together with the person you love. For the teacher you can give some gift for them in teacher’s day.

That all things about my love journal. Its more about the how we appreciate a person we love..

Monday, June 2, 2008

My Chatting Experience.........

Hii...this week my journal is about chatting.Everyone have their own chatting experience and me to.I would like to share with you my experience about chatting.Firstly, his name is Epi.I know from my friend.He is 20 years old and his study at polisas.I know more about him in yohoo massenger.I always chatting with him when i have a free time.

I chatting with him about 2 month at the beginning he is a nice guy and good looking.So, we exchange our phone number and picture.We continue our relationship after 2 month with handphone.Now i know abaut his real attitude.It’s was difference when a know him for a starting we know each other.

He ask me for a date but i don’t want becouse he is shackle,what a shame he need me to be his couple and he think i’m a stupid girl accept him for my boyfriends.Couple with him and the whole my life will conduct by him.

My friends invite me to her birthday party at Mc Donald Megamall Kuantan.I’m so shock,he go there without telling me.Went i want go to the toilet, suddenly we meet by chance and i run away from him and she calling me.My friends and keep disturbing us.

Finally i tell him that don’t like him,becouse he is shackle uncomfortable me.This is my experience and i learn something from there don’t easyly give our Phone number and picture to someone that we don’t know event friends from chatting.



I have a friends
Who is a perfect for me
She listens to all my problems
No matter how dumb they maybe.

She likes her self for who she is
And never tries to change
She tells me to be myself
And i should never change.

Sometimes we are apart miles away
But she would still call
And we would talk for hour
About nothing at all.

We would talk about love and life
And discuss what we want to be
She knew just how i felt
And how happy i could be.

She listen to me patiently
But never judges what i do or say
She help with all my problems
And never went away.

I never felt judges by her
How much that meant to me
That i could tell her all my dreams
And she would listen to me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Hobby

This week my journal is about my hobby.A hobby can be a best explained as a persuit undertaken to keep us occupied during our free hours.Some people are completely passive during their free hours.A hobby depends on the aptitude of mansome people hate reading,while others like it.

My hobby is reading novels.I find a great fascination and usefulness from reading.This is a hobby which serve a double purpose while we are occupying our time usefully we also at the same time gain knowledge and wisdom.

The advantage derived from hobby are too numerous and to narrate here.Its keeps us calm and give us no time to think of others useless persuits.For me i love reading books and make use or all my free hours by reading them..There are many public libraries in towns.We can join these as members at a nominal fee,and we will be in a position to get the books we want.It is not necessary that we should by all the books required for reading.

The advantages derived from a hobby are very little compare to the advantages.Some people may argue that a hobby is a waste of time and money .It is a good hobby .Some people thing this hobby is bored but i dont care about it becouse when we read some book we can get a new information and something that maybe we dont know before.