Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Hobby

This week my journal is about my hobby.A hobby can be a best explained as a persuit undertaken to keep us occupied during our free hours.Some people are completely passive during their free hours.A hobby depends on the aptitude of mansome people hate reading,while others like it.

My hobby is reading novels.I find a great fascination and usefulness from reading.This is a hobby which serve a double purpose while we are occupying our time usefully we also at the same time gain knowledge and wisdom.

The advantage derived from hobby are too numerous and to narrate here.Its keeps us calm and give us no time to think of others useless persuits.For me i love reading books and make use or all my free hours by reading them..There are many public libraries in towns.We can join these as members at a nominal fee,and we will be in a position to get the books we want.It is not necessary that we should by all the books required for reading.

The advantages derived from a hobby are very little compare to the advantages.Some people may argue that a hobby is a waste of time and money .It is a good hobby .Some people thing this hobby is bored but i dont care about it becouse when we read some book we can get a new information and something that maybe we dont know before.

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