Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Helping Mother..

As a grow up girl,through i am still study,i do greatly realise my responsibilities.I have 3 siblings and i am the only girl in the family.That was my responsibilities to helping my mother in her numerous household duties.

Financially my family is not quite well to do and therefore cannot afford to employ servants.So the only source from where my mother can naturally expect from me to help her.

I usually help my mother in preparing the dinner.The great share of my work will be on holiday and on week ends.I usually get up early in the morning and the first thing that i will do is washing.When washing over,the work of going to the market with my mother.for scrubbed and cleaned my younger brother will do the duty.

Although this job is so tired but I usually realise the greatness and responsibilities of a mother.What is a house without a mother.When we do the household duties its was a training ground and time to teach me into real women to share the responsibilities later.;p

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