Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Night Market

We are told by our parent that the night market is an old institution in malaysia.It used to be that many part of malaysia,night market were held by merchant tobring their goods to the people.Then the night markets disappeared,probably when moreand more shopping centres appeared everywere.Now,over tne last few years,night marketsare making their appearance again.
As before,night markets are place for bargains.For some reason reasons,the things that we buy at night markets are much cheaper than thoose we find in shopping centres and department stores.Then the reasons could be that the night market place do nothave to pay the high rent that the shopping centre shop owners have to pay.
In any night markets,we can pick up bargains.There are no rules about what are sold at nightmarket.We can find food items likes burger,boiled corn,ice cream and many items of food we can find.It is like a one giant shopping centre but arranged on a flat piece of ground rather than ina tall building.A fun fair like atmosphere exist at tne night market.Stall holders yell out their wares and children run all over the place while their parents bargain with the stall holders.It is definitely more fun to shop at a night market than in a shopping centres.

First Day At KPTM

Hye...this week i want story to you all about my first day at KOLEJ POLY-TECH MARA.Fistly i got an offer of this college to continue my study in course of Diploma Information Technology.When i come at this college,for register study at there i fell the place its so difference compare in this time.I didn’t know anyone else at there.When i waiting my turn to register i and my family sit at the chair it was here.I look at around the college and finally i find the person that i really know her(azah).she also look at me.

We was very surprise becouse we don’t think that we can meet each other in this place.She also take a Diploma In Information Technology.When i meet Azah i didn’t scare again coz i have a person i know.After registration i go to the hostel to put my beg.At there i was meet my roomate.

First time look at her,she so sweet and the important thing is, she not an arrogant person.Her name is wani.She came from Tanah Merah Kelantan.She take a same course with me.I likes her.Thats why now i still roomate with her.After that i must to join the orientation,when i was hear about the orientation, i mumble, becouse the activities of orientation is so tired.Although the orientation can make me tired but i got many exsperience of that.I got many friends come from another place.I really enjoyed for the orientation.

Now, time is running so fast.. I’m in sem 5. I can manage the computer alone without helping from friends. I will study smart to success to get the best result to make my ambition achives. it is because my goals is help my family a soon and make my life happiness forever.I wanna be a programmer, I will be the best worker a soon. This is my goal.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My new friend

I have someone that i like in my college.He was one of those guy who did nothave anyone to look after him.He was a senior in my college.I always saw himand his friend going to class together.Sometimes when i look at him,he's the arrogant personWhen i had seen him,i felt very shy and happily.One day i go to the IT lab to do my assignment.After i finished my assignment i forget to take my pendrive at the computer that i used.I really didn't realize that i forget my pendrive in IT lab.
Untill one dayone of my friends come for me and give me my pendrive.I was very surprise.She told me that someones in her class already find my pendrive.He's a guy.In the second time i was surprise becouse in my pendrive was have all my picture.I'm very knows the guy.The guy is someones that i likes.He was my secret admirer.My friends told me that he very soory for me becouse he's must to open my pendrive to knowthe owner of pendrive.
A few days later i meet him for say thanks to him becouse return my pendrive.In that daywe change the phone number.We always 'sms' together.Now i know many things about him.He comesfrom a family of highly educated people.he knows exactly what he wants in his life.He want tobe a programmer.He is a helpful person and he not the arrogant person.
When i am with him,i feel completely at ease.I do not have to pretend to be someone i am not.I can think as i like and talk what i think.He never bullies me into doing what he wants to dounless i really wantto.His affection for me and mine for him are unconditional.I am glad that i have one new friends like him.

What I want when I grow up

I have a lot of dreams to realize when i grow up.I will apply myself to my studies and become the best i can be in my field of work.I will work hard to archieve as high a standardas i can in my professions.However,what i really want to archieve when i grow up is far beyond just earning money and becoming rich.
For life i will never think of migrating.I love my country to much.No matter how rich i become,i will live in luxuries apartment.The best thing is i will marry a perfect man who will give me all his love.I want to life happily with his and bring three children into the world.I will send my children to ordinary neighbourhood schools so that my children will be ordinary people.
I will take care my parent also.I will make sure that my parent can live with comfortable and happily.I want to give back our duty for me.I will never forget their duty in my life.My parent is everything for me.I will also angage my self in social work.Teach a few orphans and support a few poor children through school.
For enjoyment,i will get involved in the cultural activities of all the races in my country.I will also traveland shopping and see as much as i can of the earth.Shopping is the one things that i very likes to do.I will gather riches but i intend to spend them all.I don't thing it is my duty to leave a inheritance for my childrenJust like me,they should have to joy of struggle and earn a living on their own.