Monday, June 2, 2008

My Chatting Experience.........

Hii...this week my journal is about chatting.Everyone have their own chatting experience and me to.I would like to share with you my experience about chatting.Firstly, his name is Epi.I know from my friend.He is 20 years old and his study at polisas.I know more about him in yohoo massenger.I always chatting with him when i have a free time.

I chatting with him about 2 month at the beginning he is a nice guy and good looking.So, we exchange our phone number and picture.We continue our relationship after 2 month with handphone.Now i know abaut his real attitude.It’s was difference when a know him for a starting we know each other.

He ask me for a date but i don’t want becouse he is shackle,what a shame he need me to be his couple and he think i’m a stupid girl accept him for my boyfriends.Couple with him and the whole my life will conduct by him.

My friends invite me to her birthday party at Mc Donald Megamall Kuantan.I’m so shock,he go there without telling me.Went i want go to the toilet, suddenly we meet by chance and i run away from him and she calling me.My friends and keep disturbing us.

Finally i tell him that don’t like him,becouse he is shackle uncomfortable me.This is my experience and i learn something from there don’t easyly give our Phone number and picture to someone that we don’t know event friends from chatting.

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