Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A BLuR iN ThE MOrNInG.....

It's started when i as a junior in KPTM.It's happen in orientation week.The orientation week was terrible for me.Even though I'm so tired to do all the activity but i enjoy it along the orientation.It's so terrible when that time my hostel have a water supplies problem.My room at second floor and the water supplies are not available at my floor.

When i want to go shower and toilet i had to go down to get water.One night when i was asleep,i woke up by my roomate.In the blur condition,i go to my locker to take my towel and bucket.My roomate already waited for me outside.

She was so wondering why i was late.when i out of my room with my towel and bucket,she laugh at me.She tell me why you brought a towel and bucket?.I tell her we want to take shower right?that why i brought towel and bucket.

She laugh at me and she woke me up to accompany her to go toilet,because she so scared to go alone.It was 1.00 a.m.I's to early to go shower,with the upsad feeling,i return back to room and put all the stuff them.I don't know that the time is 1.00a.m.My roomate always woke me up and we take shower together.She laugh at me.She tell about the incident with another friends and they cant stop laughing at me.I felt so ashamed...(^..^)

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