Thursday, May 8, 2008

What I want when I grow up

I have a lot of dreams to realize when i grow up.I will apply myself to my studies and become the best i can be in my field of work.I will work hard to archieve as high a standardas i can in my professions.However,what i really want to archieve when i grow up is far beyond just earning money and becoming rich.
For life i will never think of migrating.I love my country to much.No matter how rich i become,i will live in luxuries apartment.The best thing is i will marry a perfect man who will give me all his love.I want to life happily with his and bring three children into the world.I will send my children to ordinary neighbourhood schools so that my children will be ordinary people.
I will take care my parent also.I will make sure that my parent can live with comfortable and happily.I want to give back our duty for me.I will never forget their duty in my life.My parent is everything for me.I will also angage my self in social work.Teach a few orphans and support a few poor children through school.
For enjoyment,i will get involved in the cultural activities of all the races in my country.I will also traveland shopping and see as much as i can of the earth.Shopping is the one things that i very likes to do.I will gather riches but i intend to spend them all.I don't thing it is my duty to leave a inheritance for my childrenJust like me,they should have to joy of struggle and earn a living on their own.

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