Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Night Market

We are told by our parent that the night market is an old institution in malaysia.It used to be that many part of malaysia,night market were held by merchant tobring their goods to the people.Then the night markets disappeared,probably when moreand more shopping centres appeared everywere.Now,over tne last few years,night marketsare making their appearance again.
As before,night markets are place for bargains.For some reason reasons,the things that we buy at night markets are much cheaper than thoose we find in shopping centres and department stores.Then the reasons could be that the night market place do nothave to pay the high rent that the shopping centre shop owners have to pay.
In any night markets,we can pick up bargains.There are no rules about what are sold at nightmarket.We can find food items likes burger,boiled corn,ice cream and many items of food we can find.It is like a one giant shopping centre but arranged on a flat piece of ground rather than ina tall building.A fun fair like atmosphere exist at tne night market.Stall holders yell out their wares and children run all over the place while their parents bargain with the stall holders.It is definitely more fun to shop at a night market than in a shopping centres.

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