Thursday, May 8, 2008

My new friend

I have someone that i like in my college.He was one of those guy who did nothave anyone to look after him.He was a senior in my college.I always saw himand his friend going to class together.Sometimes when i look at him,he's the arrogant personWhen i had seen him,i felt very shy and happily.One day i go to the IT lab to do my assignment.After i finished my assignment i forget to take my pendrive at the computer that i used.I really didn't realize that i forget my pendrive in IT lab.
Untill one dayone of my friends come for me and give me my pendrive.I was very surprise.She told me that someones in her class already find my pendrive.He's a guy.In the second time i was surprise becouse in my pendrive was have all my picture.I'm very knows the guy.The guy is someones that i likes.He was my secret admirer.My friends told me that he very soory for me becouse he's must to open my pendrive to knowthe owner of pendrive.
A few days later i meet him for say thanks to him becouse return my pendrive.In that daywe change the phone number.We always 'sms' together.Now i know many things about him.He comesfrom a family of highly educated people.he knows exactly what he wants in his life.He want tobe a programmer.He is a helpful person and he not the arrogant person.
When i am with him,i feel completely at ease.I do not have to pretend to be someone i am not.I can think as i like and talk what i think.He never bullies me into doing what he wants to dounless i really wantto.His affection for me and mine for him are unconditional.I am glad that i have one new friends like him.

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