Wednesday, May 14, 2008

First Day At KPTM

Hye...this week i want story to you all about my first day at KOLEJ POLY-TECH MARA.Fistly i got an offer of this college to continue my study in course of Diploma Information Technology.When i come at this college,for register study at there i fell the place its so difference compare in this time.I didn’t know anyone else at there.When i waiting my turn to register i and my family sit at the chair it was here.I look at around the college and finally i find the person that i really know her(azah).she also look at me.

We was very surprise becouse we don’t think that we can meet each other in this place.She also take a Diploma In Information Technology.When i meet Azah i didn’t scare again coz i have a person i know.After registration i go to the hostel to put my beg.At there i was meet my roomate.

First time look at her,she so sweet and the important thing is, she not an arrogant person.Her name is wani.She came from Tanah Merah Kelantan.She take a same course with me.I likes her.Thats why now i still roomate with her.After that i must to join the orientation,when i was hear about the orientation, i mumble, becouse the activities of orientation is so tired.Although the orientation can make me tired but i got many exsperience of that.I got many friends come from another place.I really enjoyed for the orientation.

Now, time is running so fast.. I’m in sem 5. I can manage the computer alone without helping from friends. I will study smart to success to get the best result to make my ambition achives. it is because my goals is help my family a soon and make my life happiness forever.I wanna be a programmer, I will be the best worker a soon. This is my goal.

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