Thursday, February 19, 2009

child abduction

This week my journal is about child abduction.When i think about the child abduction.I remember the Nurin Jazlin and Sharlinie cases.Nurin Jazlin,eight years old girl was missing after she had gone to a wet market that located near her house in Section 1 Wangsa Maju to buy a hair clip on the night of August 20,2007.

Her parents made a police report about their missing child.After one month her case still been investigated.Finally,Her naked body was found stuffed in a sport bag in stairwell at a shop lot in Petaling Jaya.It's really sad because somebody were willing to kill the child without any guilty.

The another cases is Sharlinie mohd Nashar,five years old.The accident happened when Sharlinie went to the playground with her eight years old sister Sharliena,but half an hour later,when they decided to return home Sharlinie was missing.Her parents made a police report after they fail to find Sharlinie at the playground.Still, the police investigate the case.I hope we can find Sharlinie one day and i really hope Sharlinie is still alive.I don't want Sharlinie will be found just like Nurin Jazlin.

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