Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Favourite Past time...

I have many favourite past time in my life,such as i like to spend time with my friends.I always go out with my friends.We likes to go to megamall.At there,i and my friends like to karaoke together.We sing all our favourite song and my favourite song is "three night without star".I always sing this song.I don't know what i likes to sing this song,maybe the song is great to be sing.

Im so interested with cute things,for example,cartoon characters like powerpuff girl,mickey mouse,barbie and all the cutest toys.I always go to "aunty comel" shop at kuantan parade.The shop sell all variety kind of cute things.The owner of that shop know me and my friends becouse we always come to her shop.I think i want to buy all the cute thing in there,but i don't have a lot of money to buy all the cute thing there.

I also like to watching korean drama.I will buy a DVD korean drama that i like.Eventhough i had to spend my money more than RM30 for one drama,i don't care as long as i get it.Now i have 20 DVD of korean drama.I only give my friends to borrow my collection of DVD korean drama.For others who want to borrow my collection i don't give it becouse i afraid they doesn't return my DVD.Among the drama,i like to watch a "my girl".I watch the story more than ones becouse the story is so funny and romantic.The conclution is I like to hang out with my friend because i enjoy with them and im crazy with a cute things huhuhu..(*_*)

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